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Many of the earlier comics have commentary in the left hand column of the strip, from 001 to the most recent, 074. Below is a selection of the 4 most recent commentaries:

#074 - "The Boys are Back in Town"
As you may have guessed, I just couldn't come up with any really good ideas for Mike in a cast, so it was time to get the thread back to normal. This one turned out fairly well as the... [read more]
#073 - "Young Morticians in Love"
I've always loved "Three's Company", in that it takes a small misunderstanding and blows it up into unreal proportions. Here, I do the same, trying to work in some double-meaning dialogue. There are some nods to favorite movies of... [read more]
#072 - "Bodies Don't Lie III"
Tang again. If you haven't read the commentary for 070, do so now. Essentially we had two different punchlines, and we decided to make two different strips that day. What's interesting is that the two strips really illustrate... [read more]
#071 - "The Shit-Eating Triology III"
The "payoff" strip. I don't even hide the fact that I'm reusing an old punchline, I refer to it right in the header, as if admitting to it makes it less shameless. Well, it doesn't, but it seemed like... [read more]

Where you can find unused panels, one-shot works, and other memoriabilia.

Abandoned Panel Gallery
Sometimes I'll start a strip, and immediately think better of it. Here is where all you can see all those failed attempts at a Sexy Losers comic.
On September 21, 2001, 50 webcomics participated in possibly the largest crossover in webcomic history. Sexy Losers was one of them.
April Fool's Day 2003 (the THIN H LINE page)
On April 1st, 2003, people had a nostalgic look back at the olden days.
How the Strip is Made
A short feature showing step-by-step how a typical strip is done, from idea to the finished product.

The space for this comic is provided by Hal Bergman.
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