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There were too many questions in the FAQ. So I've rewritten the FAQ so that there are only 10 questions in it, hopefully this will make things less confusing.


1. How can I E-mail you?
2. Why isn't the strip updated anymore?
3. Why don't you have RSS?
4. Can I send you fanart/guest strip?
5. "Can I use your comics?" and other questions related to copyright.
6. Do you have a book or merchandising?
7. How can I help with your bandwidth costs? Can I donate?
8. Why can't I see the images on your site?
9. How is the strip/site made?
10. Who the hell is Hard? Who the hell is Clay?

1. How can I E-mail you?

E-Mail: I am very protective of my mailbox. Or at least, with the amount of junk mail out there, I try to be. So please do not send me the following types of E-mail:

  • invites to (I already have an account, thanks)
  • links to other sites (including "look at my site!")
  • link trade proposals
  • invitations to BBSes, messagegroups, etc.
  • strip ideas or requests
  • spelling/grammar corrections
  • questions about Japan or teaching English in Japan
  • commission requests -- I just do not have the time for commissions
  • questions that have little to do with me or the comic
  • questions that are already answered in the FAQ below

Also do not E-mail me about being unable to see the images on the site, until you've read the answer to the FAQ question concerning this and tried the script that is linked in that answer. With all that in mind, please send E-mails to sexylosers at hotmail .com.

2. Why isn't the strip updated regularly anymore?

As you get older, life's responsibilities tend to pile up, and not go away. As this site has only been a hobby and not a means of income, it has to take a back seat to income-generating activities and other responsibilities.

3. Why don't you have RSS?

I do. There is the RSS for the site which I'm still experimenting with. There is the RSS for my journal which also contains updates, but unfortunately you also get alerted when I feel like complaining about things I can't do anything about (ie RANT). There is also the RSS for the mailing list.

4. Can I send you fanart/guest strip/cosplay photos?

Yes! Please keep the attatchments under 200K if you send them by E-mail. Although I am almost always pleased when I receive guest work, there are kinds I won't put up on the site:

  • anything containing characters, sprites, etc. to which you do not own the rights for (although parody is allowed).
  • guest strips that seem to have absolutely little to do with the characters or themes of the strip (including those that have nothing to do with SL except for the use of the word "FAP")
  • strips I do not understand or find funny (including those that require an understanding of another comic to get the humour)
  • strips that have my own art reworked/copy & pasted
  • Sexy Jam strips (Sexy Jam is over)

This may seem awfully picky, but the guest section has been said to be "not worth reading" by more than one reviewer, and this is a reputation I would like to put an end to. Rather than accepting and posting anything, there is a certain level of quality that I think is necessary, and even though I understand it IS a gift, I would hate for people to stop reading the guest comics because they fail to understand most of them.

As for cosplay pictures, always happy to receive! If you'd like, please send a little statement about what you were cosplaying for, any comments about the reaction, etc.

5. "Can I use your comics?" and other questions related to copyright.

All work here by me is (C) 1999-2008 Clay. All rights reserved. All guest work is (C) the original creators. All rights reserved. All jam strips are (C) 1999-2008 Clay and the artists involved. All right reserved.

The comic is mirrored on a few sites who pay me for the right to do so. Because of that, I am afraid I cannot allow anyone to mirror or copy any content of the site. This includes:

  • websites that download the latest strip and post it as their own content. Real newspapers do not clip comics out of other newspapers for their own comics section. The internet version of this is copyright violation.
  • translating the comic to whatever language and posting it.
  • taking a comic and posting it to a newsgroup or BBS.
  • taking a comic, removing the header or any other alterations that make it difficult to identify the origin/creator of the strip.
  • taking a comic and printing it out for use in another publication.

As you might notice, the above rules generally apply to taking a comic and posting/revising it for display for other people. There are uses of the comic I have no problem with AS LONG AS THE COMIC IS NOT ALTERED TO REMOVE THE IDENTITY OF THE AUTHOR OR THE URL OF THE SITE:

  • printing it out and posting it on a wall, or making a desktop out of it.
  • saving the strip to a private archive (ie not directly accessible to the internet, even if a password is required to access it)
  • anything covered by regional copyright laws or "fair use" laws (know what "fair use" actually means before using it)
  • livejournal and BBS icons, and in this case, it is okay to alter the artwork to suit your needs. And you don't have to mail me about it either!

Furthermore, I generally allow non-profit organizations or groups to use the work (for example, an oncampus anime group used #002 to promote themselves) but you have to E-mail me so I can decide if it's permissable or not.

6. Do you have a book or merchandising?

No. A book is not in the near future, any work I'd like to do is in the production of new strips, not the repackaging of old. I'm sure I'll feel differently at some time.

As for other merchandise, no. Who would want to wear T-shirts or ball caps that admit they read this crap anyways?

7. How can I help with your bandwidth costs? Can I donate?

Bandwidth is costly, so any help is appreciated. As I don't have any merchandising, you can help out by buying ads on the site. Click on "Advertising" for more details.

You can donate as well. Please E-mail me for how to donate.

8. Why can't I see the images on your site?

Probably because you are a) behind a firewall or blocker of some type or b) you're copying and pasting the image URL to another site which just doesn't work. If it's a), please refer to the manual of your firewall program/hardware or blocker program as to how to unblock

To check to see if it's a referral blocking problem, click here.

If it's a referral blocking problem, there is nothing I can do about it, as the problem is not on my end.

This script isn't currently working, sorry.

9. How is the strip/site made?

In general, I wrote a little writeup about how the strip is made in the Special Features section, which takes one step-by-step through the process.

Although over the years I have used various computers, hardware and software, currently (2004/11/15) I use the following programs to help me draw, format, letter and colour the strip:

  • GIMP 2.0 - A free-to-use Photoshop-like graphics manipulation program created under the GNU license. I currently use the WIN32 version.
  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 7.0 - for colouring and .psd is the format I use for the strip (.psd being compatible with most graphics programs). A factory-sealed copy was donated by The Mechanic, thanks a lot!
  • COREL PAINTER 8.0 - For colouring. Thanks to Aeire for passing this on to me, I wanted an English version and I couldn't find a place that would ship an English copy to Japan cheap. So Aeire graciously accepted this for me in the States and sent it over here with a bunch of Taco Bell taco sauce!
  • DELETER COMICWORKS 2 MAX - For some effects and drawing.
  • CELSYS COMICSTUDIO 3.0 EX - This is the Cadillac of programs for comic artists. As this program is in Japanese, the learning curve is a bit steep, but I expect to do most of the non-colour work of the comic in CS3 in the future. For now, many of the backgrounds are rendered in CS3.
All the above commercial products are registered versions. I do not use warez for the creation for the comic.

For the creation of the site, all the site HTML is generated from PERL scripts written by me. The environment is the UNIX-like CYGWIN environment.

I also have an Wacom Intuos 3 tablet I use for colouring and art touchups.

10. Who the hell is Hard? Who the hell is Clay?

Hard (the name which appears on the header of the strips and is mentioned sometimes in the comic itself) was a name I created to give myself a little privacy, and at one point it was necessary. However, I feel I don't need to hide behind a nickname anymore, and I now go under the name Clay, starting with #235. Maybe at some point I'll fix all the headers, but for now, I'll leave it as is.

If you find yourself in the Tokyo area of Japan and want to buy me a beer, drop me a line! Don't worry, I'll buy the second round.

The space for this comic is provided by Hal Bergman.
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