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Mr. Watanabe


a father of

Shiunji Watanabe

a husband of

Mrs. Watanabe

Mr. Watanabe
APPEARANCES:   FIRST: 020  LAST: 215  # of STRIPS: 8
AGE:  41
SEX:  Male
ORIENTATION:  Necrophiliac
OCCUPATION:  Office worker
RELATIONSHIPS:  a father of Shiunji Watanabe and a husband of Mrs. Watanabe
Not much is known about Mr. Watanabe except that his son is a chip off the old block. Mr. Watanabe's current wife is not the mother of Shiunji, and he has referred to his first wife being "dragged off by wild dogs". His neighbours quite accurately believe he is insane.
Mr. Watanabe is my favorite character in the series, as he is both insane and fatherly at the same time, and possesses a sense of reality that no one else shares. There is no real inspiration for Watanabe, just for plot purposes he has to be more extreme than Shiunji to build Shiunji's character, to make necrophilia seem more like a natural choice rather than a self-created tendency. There is no origin story simpler than radiation, mutancy, or just having a father that's exactly the same way.
020 041 052 061 106 155 210 215

The space for this comic is provided by Hal Bergman.
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