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I've decided not to do any more "Sexy Losers" strips. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest one is that I no longer have the time to invest in it. Having said that, I am currently working on a new strip, called "The Thin H Line". This is a stripped down version of "Sexy Losers" in blog form, in a format that is much more manageable. The new strip is blogged at and several new strips are up, including the continuation of the Shiunji storyline. The new strip is free to reblog in its unaltered form. I hope you check it out.

In the meantime, the Sexy Losers archives will be available here.

The following site contains potentially offensive material. If you are offended at all by:
  • full nudity (both sexes)
  • images of sex involving consenting adults
  • images of sex involving only one person
  • risque humour
  • human secretions of any kind
this is NOT the site for you. Leave here now..

If you are looking for hot pornography, you're only going to find my crude drawings here which sometimes resemble what they are supposed to. There are better ways to get yourself turned on, and I recommend starting here or here.

Finally, if you're looking for some good ol'fashioned dirty humour and you are comfortable enough with your sexuality as to not be offended by drawn pictures, COME ON IN! (You can also click on MAIN in the title bar if you don't want to read this disclaimer every time)

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LATEST FAN ART: "Miss Magician" by Jenny W.

The space for this comic is provided by Hal Bergman.
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